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American English and its pronunciations can sometimes be frustrating to master.  In addition, finding classes that meet your schedule can also be challenging.  That's why ESL Speech Connect provides online tutorials--so students can study at their pace and convenience.  All coursework is designed for self-study and personal enrichment.

Our philosophy is that accented speech is not a 'bad' thing; everyone has an accent.  Nevertheless, if a speaker feels that he/she is having to repeat one's self quite often, then some modifications to pronunciation, stress, or intonation might need to be made.

How it works:

  • Each lesson begins with a presentation that the student watches first.  The student may watch as many times as needed. 
  • After the presentation, there is a speech lab that engages the student in listening practice, pronunciation and feedback, digital worksheets, quizzes, and printable notes.  

Once enrolled in a course, the student may begin immediately.  Each course is open for 180 days.

Once the student has completed all lessons, topics, quizzes and the final exam with 80% or better, the student will receive a certificate of successful completion.

I hope that you will enjoy this site and leave with more than you came with.

Happy Learning!