/iy/ and /I/ Sample Lesson (Continued)

  • The sound /I/ To make this sound, relax the lips; do not tense the lips into a smile as you do for the /i/ sound.  Do not raise the tongue.  Make the sound short and clear.     Watch the video for demonstration.

Spellings for /I/:

 i - it

 ee - been

 ie - sieve

 a - damage

 ei - forfeit

 o - women

 u - busy

 ui - build

 y - bicycle

 ia - marriage


Speech Lab:

  • This sound occurs in the beginning and middle positions


  • if
  • is
  • in 


  • give
  • big
  • did

Sentences.  Listen and repeat.

1. It is six inches.

2. Pick the mitt that will fit.

3. The women have been busy.

4. The wind damaged the building.

5. Which bicycle will Jim fix?

Read one of the sentences above and record your voice with your computer's voice dictation feature.  Try to pronounce the /I/ sound as close to the speaker's pronunciation as you can. 

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