Practice American Speech Sounds, Part 1: Vowels

Course Schedule:
  • 8-week, 2-part course broken into 6 lessons released each week.    

Course Format:

  • Online course system
  • Login to access your course(s) and content: lessons, presentations, practice exercises and quizzes

Course Features: 

  • Audio and video provide demonstrations and examples for producing the target sounds.
  • Contrast  sounds  to "hear" the differences.
  • Record your voice by using voice recognition from your device (laptop, ipad, etc.)  and compare your speech with the speaker's pronunciation.
  • Take quizzes to test your listening skills of speech sounds
  • Printable study notes, worksheets and answer keys

Potential Benefits: 

  • Increase your understanding of these challenging American speech sounds.
  • Better communication
  • Learn 'to hear' the sounds of American English 


Course Materials

PDF Reader AND Mirror (to practice correct lip movement and articulation of sounds)

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