What is the skill level needed for these lessons?

Ideally, it is better for students to be at an advanced or intermediate skill level of English.  If you're still unsure of your skill level, you can check out the free trial lesson and see how much you understand and how comfortable you feel with the material.  If you are struggling to understand the information, then these lessons may be too advanced for you at this time.

Who are these lessons for?

Anyone who wants to become more familiar with American English pronunciation will benefit from these tutorials.  


What is needed to take these courses?

  • Desire to Learn!
  • Internet Connection
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Mirror
  • Microphone (to record your speech)
  • Adobe Reader
  • A quiet place to listen and study


Is it possible to eliminate an accent?

That is dependent on many factors.  In general, the younger a person is, the easier it is to "lose" one's accent or change from one accent to another.  This is especially true if one is a child, immersed within the 2nd language that he/she is learning.  Otherwise, unfortunately, it is very difficult to completely 'get rid' of one's accent.  It may not be totally impossible, and some adults might even achieve this if they are highly motivated, have a good 'ear' for other languages and pronunciation, spend many hours practicing their speech (as actors/actresses do),  and spend as much time as they can with other speakers of that target language.