Practical Curriculum

We are dedicated to providing courses that are effective in today's world.  These courses are adapted to fit your lifestyle so you can study anytime, anywhere, on your schedule.  Lessons are presented in manageable portions that allow students to study at their own pace.

Each lesson begins with a presentation that the student watches first.  The student may watch as many times as needed.  After the presentation, there is a speech lab that engages the student in listening practice, pronunciation and feedback, digital worksheets, quizzes, and printable notes.  

Once the student enrolls in a course, he/she may begin immediately.  Each course is open for 90 days and comes with a syllabus (lesson plan) that outlines a plan of study and time management for the student to follow.  

Once the student has completed all lessons, topics, quizzes and the final exam with 80% or better, the student will receive a certificate of successful completion.