/iy/ and /I/ Sample Lesson

Sometimes /iy/ and /I/ can be confused.  

To make the /iy/ sound, the tongue is raised in the mouth; tense the lips into a smile.   This sound is long (it is held for a length of time).  Watch the video for demonstration:

Common spellings for the /iy/ sound:

e - me, he, she, we

 ee - see, meet, steep, sneeze 

 ea - sea, meat, seat, team, dream 

 ie - believe, achieve 

eo - people

 i - ski                                                        

ey - key, money

 ei - receive, conceive                            

oe- phoenix

 y - happy, easy, soapy   (adjectives)

  • The /iy/ sound occurs in the beginning, middle, and final position.


  • eat
  • either
  • even


  • amoeba
  • meet, meat
  • police


  • be, bee
  • honey
  • tea

Click the button to hear the sentences.   Then, use your dictation feature on your device to record your voice and check your pronunciation.

1. Please believe me.

2. We need to read the deed.

3. Lee told Bea to be home by three.

4. Meet the teacher next week.

5. Leave the key with Steve.


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